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[GUERRA] Vendetta[-V-] VS Espartanos[ESP あ] - GANA- [ESP あ] MEGA RACHA 38 k GRLS!

16 +3 951


[GUERRA]zorromagico[ESP あ] vs Owlheart[-V-] - GANA- [ESP あ]

0 +1 121

[GUERRA] Acasasandre[ESP あ], zorromagico[ESP あ], MsTrack[ESP あ] vs AkiBiTsU[-V-] , Valondil[-V-] , Owlheart[-V-]- GANA- [ESP あ]

0 114

[GUERRA] Acasasandre[ESP あ] vs mauricioacevedo[-V-] - GANA- [ESP あ]

1 185


[GUERRA]Dovahkiin[ESP あ] vs neoladen[-V-] , gonzalez[-V-] - GANA- [ESP あ]

0 +1 195

[GUERRA] mamba[-V-] vs Captain Brian[ESP あ] , Leonidass[ESP あ], ANUBIS WARRIOR[ESP あ]- GANA- [ESP あ]

1 286


[GUERRA] rasec[ESP あ], rip[ESP あ] , Polis vs Treg[-V-]- GANA- [ESP あ]

0 +1 103

[GUERRA] Vendetta[-V-] VS Espartanos[ESP あ] - GANA- [ESP あ]

0 +1 167

[GUERRA] ANUBIS GUERRERO [ESP あ], RIP [ESP あ] vs Lord Stark [-V-], Dango89 [-V-]- GANA- [ESP あ]

0 206

[GUERRA] rip[ESP あ] de Polis vs AntiMacri[-V-] de JaviPirata- GANA- [ESP あ]

0 +1 173

[GUERRA] rasec[ESP あ], rip[ESP あ] de Millo6 vs Mifeito13[-V-]- GANA [ESP あ]

0 +1 135

[GUERRA] mamba[-V-] vs Captain Brian[ESP あ], Walteck[ESP あ] , fernando2012[ESP あ] - GANA- [ESP あ]

0 181

[GUERRA] mamba[-V-] vs Dovahkiin[ESP あ], Captain Brian[ESP あ] , fernando2012[ESP あ] - GANA- [ESP あ]

0 254

[GUERRA] Acasasandre[ESP あ] vs AkiBiTsU[-V-] de Acristala2, Valondil[-V-]- GANA- [ESP あ]

0 142

El Sensei[NASA] , daom[NASA], andres soprano[NASA] VS -Marina-[DarkΨ] DesingMyCry[DarkΨ]

3 +2 243


jenn01[_GH_] vs zamo[-CL-], zam[-CL-], bravo1[-CL-], beddings[-CL-], yasier[-CL-] Gana -CL-

1 +3 284

The King Arthur

[GUERRA]von eagle[-HDP-] de Tebas vs seosca94[F-A] de Itaca, Corinto.(2254.3 ptos.) GANA HDP!!

  • Von
  • Forkas
2 176


[GUERRA]von eagle[-HDP-] de Polis, Tebas vs seosca94[F-A] de Atenas.(1231 ptos.) OTRO PUNTO PARA HDP!

  • Von
  • Magito
1 143


[GUERRA]von eagle[-HDP-] de Polis vs seosca94[F-A] de Tebas.(1165.4) Gana HDP!

  • Von
  • Magito
1 158


[GUERRA]3spartaco[-LT-] , Choper[-LT-] , EL GRAN HECTOR[-LT-] vs lordl[Ш MER] , Ulises[Ш MER] 24k generales perdidos

5 178