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GANA FX DG // Suicide_Silence, sMilEy y Popeye[TGP-Ѽ] vs Nico IX, Angel Of Dark, richunter, The Black, Josephcjk y Sir_Gato[FX DG] (5604.8 gp)

2 590

bocon elite

GANA FX DG // Josephcjk[FX DG] vs PelucheAsesino y sMilEy[TGP-Ѽ] (4080.6 gp)

4 650


GANA FX DG // calita, agnastrakos, WireLess, Merak, richunter, Josephcjk, Sir_Gato, ivan17, Fredy1 y Jabrux[FX DG] vs Tiburón blanco, Negromascarado, HHK y chacoforever (62312.1 gp)

1 455


GANA FX DG // Josephcjk[FX DG] vs chacoforever[TGP-Ѽ] (1860 gp)

0 278

GANA FX DG // sMilEy y ramiro[TGP-Ѽ] ​vs​ Josephcjk, Fredy1, Merak, Angel Of Dark, richunter, calita, agnastrakos, The Black, WireLess, -Aries- y Sir_Gato[FX DG] (42016 gp)

1 537


GANA FX DG // Fredy1, calita, -Aries-, Josephcjk y WireLess[FX DG]​ vs​ TRANQUILASO, ramiro, Murdock, bigguns y sMilEy[TGP-Ѽ] (27400.4 gp)

0 343

GANA FX DG // TGP-Ѽ vs FX DG (138291 gp)

1 621


GANA FX DG // Negromascarado[TGP-Ѽ] vs Josephcjk, Sir_Gato, aries_max_beta, calita, ivan17 y WireLess[FX DG](4306.4 gp)

1 501


GANA FX DG // Tiburón blanco[TGP-Ѽ] vs Josephcjk, alex169k, ivan17, calita, richunter, WireLess, Carlin, Sir_Gato y aries_max_beta[FX DG] (8365.3 gp)

1 477


GANA GUARD!!! Josephcjk[GUARD] vs -redma-, jhossep, angelsystem19 y Brian_C [TEM] (4271.3 gp)

1 491


GANA GUARD!!! Josephcjk[GUARD] vs -redma- y Hayime[TEM] (1244.4 gp)

1 458


GANA GUARD!!! Josephcjk[GUARD] vs GForce y jhossep[TEM] (1665 gp)

1 497


GANA GUARD!!! Josephcjk[GUARD] vs GForce y leon421[TEM] (26594.2 gp)

5 +1 643


GANA GUARD!!! GUARD vs TEM (22547.8 gp)

3 +1 606


GANA COLOSO!!! GUARD vs TEM (102974.9 gp)

2 490

Lord Osgali

GANA GUARD!!! GUARD vs TEM (90496.1 gp.)

2 563


GANA GUARD!!! GUARD vs TEM (53524.2 gp.)

4 740


GANA GUARD!!! jhossep[TEM] vs Lord Osgali, JohnPi, Josephcjk, Lord_Hades y hernan198[GUARD] (15551.2 gp.)

1 561


TEM vs GUARD (224778.4 gp.) GANA COLOSO!!!

3 569

van Gogh

Josephcjk[GUARD] vs 27 TEM - GANA COLOSO!!! (16588.6 GP.)

3 770