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Yavimaya, EL PADRINO[F-T] vs B-V | GANA BV

0 64

El PADRINO, Yavimaya[F-T] vs B-V| GANA BV

0 42

manolete[F-T], Yavimaya[F-T] vs BV | GANA BV

0 71

carlos30gf[F-T]​ vs retrolav, JACK III, Brother, Dios Kratos[B-V] GANA BV

0 31

B-V vs Yavimaya[F-T], DON CABEZA[F-T]​ | GANA BV

0 48

JOVA, Mithrandir, Melena, -TRANQUILASO-, Dios Kratos[B-V] vs REYDECOPAS[F-T] GANA BV

0 32

retrolav[B-V], Ascrock[B-V] vs RUSO1[F-T], Yavimaya[F-T], lordsebacrazy[F-T] GANA BV

0 27

B-V vs F-T | GANA FT

0 55

B-V vs F-T | GANA FT

0 41


0 34

Shaitán[F-T], Yavimaya[F-T] vs Brother[B-V], Juanon[B-V], Lordjackerville[B-V] GANA BV

0 32

Mithrandir[B-V], Melena[B-V], Dios Kratos[B-V], Lordjackerville[B-V] vs RUSO1[F-T] GANA BV

0 24


0 18

retrolav, Sgto_Cordobes, Dios Kratos[B-V] vs Yavimaya, CARPDYJ02[F-T]​ GANA BV

0 18

RUSO1[F-T] vs Sgto_Cordobes[B-V], Ascrock[B-V], retrolav[B-V] GANA BV

0 24

F-T vs B-V | GANA BV!!

0 37

JOVA, Ascrock[B-V] vs F-T. GANA BV

0 66

CARPDYJ02[F-T] vs Ascrock[B-V], Sgto_Cordobes[B-V] GANA BV

0 30

Shaitán[F-T] vs Juanon[B-V] GANA BV

0 38

CARPDYJ02[F-T] vs pabloeldel82[B-V] GANA BV

0 39