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Zelel[-DSK-] vs KIL NEO[-CT-]

4 +1 1,690


Zelel[-DSK-] vs KIL NEO[-CT-] , ZeiZ[-CT-]

3 1,165


Zelel[-DSK-] vs [-CT-] KIL NEO, Korando

0 606

Zelel[-DSK-] vs [-CT-] KIL NEO, Blastmure

0 702

-Teron-[-DSK-] vs [-K-] Wolverine -K-, Byrock, Trau-k-o, Orion, legions, Piojo Shoro, vino corleone / Gana DSK T33

0 781

-Teron-[-DSK-] vs [-K-] vino corleone, Tito KaMiKaZe, Piojo Shoro, jaquebit, Orion / Gana DSK T32

0 733

-Teron-[-DSK-] vs [-K-] GustiMan, legions, DieWÍN KaMiKaZe, SABOTADOR, Wolverine -K-, Orion / Gana DSK T31

0 601

-Teron-[-DSK-] vs Gardar[-K-] / Gana DSK T25

3 1,257


-Teron-[-DSK-] vs [-K-] Piojo Shoro, Trau-k-o, corleone, Orion / Gana DSK T30

3 1,264


-Teron-[-DSK-] vs Gardar[-K-] / Gana DSK T26

7 1,474

Leito KaMiKaZe

-Teron-[-DSK-] vs RonMetal[-K-] / Gana DSK T20

2 1,277


-Teron-[-DSK-] vs hanamichi[-K-] / Gana DSK T27

6 1,485


-Teron-, Arcas[-DSK-] vs Piojo Shoro[-K-] / Gana DSK T29

8 1,324


-Teron-[-DSK-] vs [-K-] Piojo Shoro, Trau-k-o, kabal, Wolverine -K-, chaskon / Gana DSK T28

0 762

Teron-[-DSK-] vs RonMetal[-K-] / Gana DSK T4

3 1,394


Teron-[-DSK-] vs [-K-] ShinGouki Gana DSK T1

2 1,172


Teron-[-DSK-] vs Baranco[-K-] / Gana DSK T3

2 1,244

-S P O K W E S-

Teron-[-DSK-] vs Gardar[-K-] / Gana DSK T24

0 691

-Teron-[-DSK-] vs Gardar[-K-] / Gana DSK T23

0 771

-Teron-[-DSK-] vs Gardar[-K-] / Gana DSK T22

0 623